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Maintaining a Substance-Free Home for Your Peace of Mind

Settle family issues and legal matters through DNA testing from Analyzing Solutions of Texas. Located in Granbury, Texas, we also conduct paternity test and physical exam to different families, whether to settle a case in court or to determine a child's fitness for sports. If you need to find out whether your workplace is drug-free, we also provide mobile drug testing for businesses.

Valid Evidence in Legal Settings

Present your proof in the court with our fast laboratory testing and exams results. We offer alcohol and drug testing which the court is mandated to determine its use.

Happy Family at Home

Paternity Tests

Our DNA paternity test identifies biological parents of a child in child custody cases. This is also used in legal concerns that involve family disputes on areas like insurance or inheritance claims.

Substance-Free Home

Ease your worries knowing your family members are not abusing any drugs. We provide discreet, in-house drug testing for concerned family members. You may also ask us to perform instant tests in the privacy of your home.

Sports Physical Examination

Evaluate the fitness level of your child with our sports physical exam. Let us determine if your kid is fit to participate in competitive sports.